About this website

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Born January 2019.
What is this website A super casual marketplace and classified website, with a focus on KL region.
What makes you different from others We have actual human moderators here to periodically delete bad quality and spam ads.
We also care about privacy, which means:

1. No registration required for posting ads.
2. Only essential information is required for posting, and i mean really only the essentials.
3. You choose your preferred contact method, messenger, telegram, whatsapp, tempmail, your choice. as long as you provide one.
4. You can delete your account anytime, your account data will be wipe clean.
5. All ads will eventually go expired and deleted from the server. So no permanent ads.
Design Bare necessity.
A neat feature Usable even without javascript, though at a reduced functionality.
Purpose To serve as a central repository for all the whatsapp/fb-style classified ads.
Motto Free for life.
Why sell from here We don't ask you for any unnecessary information, you don't even need an account to start posting.
Why buy from here No information overload, just enough for you to make a decision.
Why ad has so little information So seller can spend less time posting, and buyer don't have to waste time reading empty fillers which help little on their decision making process. ultimately, both sellers and buyers benefit!